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EGP Partner Portal

Benefits for your business

  • Monitor your sustainable
    business in real time

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  • Manage your activities
    and create a connected

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  • Share your contribution
    to sustainability

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With the PPA dashboard you can monitor, evaluate
and compare your green energy production and the avoided CO2 to date.

  • Energy Production

    10 minute
  • Off take General information

  • Resource Availability

    10 minute
  • YearToDate Production

  • MonthToDate Production

  • Avoided CO2

  • Weather

Energy Attributes Certificates (EACs)

Look at your total certificates and at the statistics of your imputed EACs of the day or of the month.

100% percent Green Energy by Enel Green Power

In the dashboard you will see
some useful information
about your plant.

Plants' information

  • Plant Name
  • Country
  • Type
  • Physical Attributes
    according to the plant technology
  • Wind Plants

    Actual wind speed and weather.

  • Geothermal Plants

    Actual temperature
    and precipitations.

  • Solar Plants

    Actual irradiance and weather.

  • Hydro Plants

    Flow in rate and actual weather.


The e-API provides your plant information and your power production data.
You will be able to view and analyze plant energy and production data,
and to query such data using the e-API in order to integrate them
into your own dashboard and/or ERP system.




PPA Summary

Through the Summary Page you can share your sustainable indicators
that show your commitment to decarbonization process.

  • Total amount of energy
  • Total amount of avoided CO2
  • Amount of energy produced today
  • Power Plant Data