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Granular Tracking
and Matching Platform

Benefits for your business

The Granular Tracking and Matching Platform is a tracking platform for green energy based on blockchain technology.

  • Tracking
    your energy

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  • Matching your consumptions
    and green energy production

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Our pillars

  • Platform

    The platform has all the information available and in real time.

  • Blockchain

    The Blockchain technology used allows for full traceability of the information.

  • Product

    An e-Cert certifies that 1 MWh comes from renewable energy sources and has been consumed by an end customer.

Our principles

  • It is developed together with customers, the electrical coordinator and auditors.
  • Automated interface to make it user-friendly for people who are not experts in Blockchain.
  • It is compatible with the Electricity Coordinator’s platform.
  • All information is open, auditable, transparent and secure.

The main

  • 1
    Avoiding double counting of certificates as a complete balance of different types of certificates is included.
  • 2
    Guaranteeing full transparency of the process and allowing it to be audited by external companies.
  • 3
    Showing all the commitments made by Enel and its customers.

updated platform

Customers will be able to choose
which type of technology
and which specific plant.

Different granularities
of certification
daily or hourly).

Integration with EGP
Partner Portal

Potential trading platform
for customers to transfer