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We invite our Partners to participate in their preferred
CSV initiative through one of the following ways.

  • Co-participation in our existing CSV project

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Benefits for PPA Partners



More than 800 partnerships with NGOs, enterprises, institutions at local and international level, promoting community development through tailored initiatives.


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  • Build trust and reputation among key stakeholders.
  • Engage with local stakeholders.
  • Tailor made co-marketing projects.


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Our sustainability projects worldwide count over 4 million beneficiaries (Enel Group - as of 31st Dec 2020).
External certification on the validity of the project (Gold Standard, GRI).

A sustainable ecosystem

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Our Sustainability

  1. 1

    Monitoring, evaluating and reporting

    Measurement of the impacts and reporting of key indications.

  2. 2

    Context analysis

    Identification of key factors relating to social, economic, and environmental aspects.

  3. 3

    of Stakeholders

    Mapping, weighting, and recording them and their needs.

  4. 4

    Analysis of the priorities and potential risks/opportunities

    Identification of priority issues and potential risks/opportunities.

  5. 5

    of the CSV Plan

    Definition of an action plan in line with the priority issue.

  6. 6

    of the CSV Plan

    Implementation of actions defined in the CSV Plan.

Our Successful
SDGs Stories

(4) Quality education. Slide 1 of 3



We founded an education project that empowers students in the development of renewable energy generation projects, implementing it in their communities and homes.
The winner achieves infrastructure improvements for their school and multiple incentives.

(4) Quality education. Slide 2 of 3


Wind turbine technician training

Given the absence of a large local labor pool, we are training young people as service technicians in order to match skills demand.

(4) Quality education. Slide 3 of 3


PH Palo Viejo - Chichel School improvement

We improved the facilities of the education center to have a better environment and empowering the educational quality for children.

(7) Affordable and clean energy. Slide 1 of 3


Public Lighting

In collaboration with local municipalities, we provided sustainable public lighting through led-city lamps.

(7) Affordable and clean energy. Slide 2 of 3


Don Josè - Reusing Panels

We are carrying out a project to give a second life to the PV modules that are removed from the asset and saving the recycling price for each module.

(7) Affordable and clean energy. Slide 3 of 3


Solar Mama Electrification Program

In collaboration with BareFoot College, we trained 5 women of the Wayuu ethnic group in India for 6 months and through participatory methodology, brought solar energy to 700 people in the influence area of the Windpeshi Park in Alta Guajira Colombia.

(8) Decent work and economic growth. Slide 1 of 3


Local Training - Communities

This project aims to create skills locally, allowing local residents to be hired during the E&C and O&M phases and to develop SMEs (Small and Medium business) to support E&C and O&M activities. STEAM courses are held to develop high skilled technicians and managers to be employed in REN (Renewable) world.

(8) Decent work and economic growth. Slide 2 of 3


Boosting potatoes production

We promoted land development for potatoes production in Chile, providing technical and budget support.

(8) Decent work and economic growth. Slide 3 of 3


Greenhouse Project

We are training women giving them the skills needed to run greenhouses for vegetables and plants suited for local reforestation.

(13) climate-action. Slide 1 of 3



We reduced the waste material in the Samalà River to the reservoir of the EI PH Canada and eliminated illegal landfills on the shores of the basin of the river. We created job opportunities for the local community, in which included the sorting of recovered waste material to be sent to the recycling plant.

(13) climate-action. Slide 2 of 3


Tree Nursery

We reforested the local area with fruit and coffee trees and other native plants, creating productive capacity for the beneficiary families order to generate new financial flows in the community.

(13) climate-action. Slide 3 of 3


Multipurpose land use and biodiversity preservation

We planted specific vegetation under the solar panels to reduce PV Plant construction and operation impact on land use ground, to support pollinator population, increase crops yield and increase PV efficiency.